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Wikipedia is a book, a collection of Wikipedia articles, which are easily stored, electronically processed and ordered as a printed book. The five striped Alpine logo were added in 1987. Originally blue, in contrast to letters that were in dark blue, later by a single color are replaced. Support the bands of various aspects of Alpine's philosophy, are: Alpine was one of the first in the industry to introduce enables iPod devices in the vehicle users to control playback of the iPod with the buttons on the front panel of the main unit or the remote introduction to electronics/wikipedia control. See track information (artist name, album, or song) on the screen; and easily find songs via the quick search for the interface. Alpine introduced the first replacement of the interface adapter for iPod (KCA-420i) 2004, to let users experience optimized sound quality and control of digital music in the car. Introduced in 2008, Alpine a wide range of media integration digital receiver iPod. In 2009, Alpine introduced the first digital media station iPod-double-DIN, iXA-W404. Alpine introduced the Jersey of biolite display technology in their 2004 receiver range which claims much more conventional and exceptional visibility offer a wide viewing angle monitor, also with light lasts. . In the Office. S., Alpine of America, Inc., with interest from 2001, commissioned a series of cars, some with custom airbrush and extensively implemented, to the body and Interior, aiming, as many of their products as possible integrate become cars usually in several series of nationwide update. The cars that were used were: the body of the car has a mural of musicians of the last 50 years, including Ray Charles, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, the illusion which is heard their music, with its products create. In the year 1984 Alpine acquired the Luxman brand high-end stereo system Japanese lux Corporation and tries his Alpine home hi-fi brand with Luxman join products mark co-branding as Alpine / Luxman. Due to differences in how the products are based (Alpine used mainly standard stainless metals and plastics, exotic metals used Luxman premium) Alpine / Luxman extends over two brand confusion of the brand brand, established in their markets and were nearly destroyed the credibility of the Luxman brand. Later became the company of Luxman brand 1994 fully focus on the business-car audio sold,. .